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Windows System and Network Administrator for small companies (up to 100 users)
30 hours

This course is intended for Windows Server administrators who operate Windows Servers on a daily basis and want to learn the skills for configuring, managing, and maintaining the core technical areas of Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Network essential services.

This course combines training content from the Network Infrastructure Technology Specialist, Active Directory Technology Specialist and IT Professional Server Administrator courses of Windows Server 2008 to provide students with the knowledge and skills that are required to manage accounts and resources, maintain server resources, monitor server performance, and safeguard data in a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 environment. This course covers the core skills required by anyone working with Windows Server 2008 Servers and Microsoft based networks.

  • Module 1: Modern Network Infrastructure, Components, Services
          - Microsoft Windows Servers suite. Windows Server - Core Component
          - Understanding Role of System Administrator
  • Module 2: Install and configure Windows Server 2008 R2
          - Overview of System Services
          - Initial Server Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Module 3: Microsoft Windows Workgroup and Windows Domain
          - Understanding Windows Network Collaboration and Communication
  • Module 4: Building and populating Active Directory
          - Install, Configure and Support Active Directory Services
          - Design (tips and tweaks)
          - Group Policy
  • Module 5: Windows Security design and implementation
          - Users, Groups, Computers – Security Elements
          - Access Permissions
          - Audit
  • Module 6: File and Print server
          - Share and NTFS Security
          - File Screening
          - Quotas Management
          - File Server Reporting
          - Configure and Manage Windows Print Services
  • Module 7: Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Services
          - Components Overview
          - Configure Access to Corporate Network and Applications from Anywhere
  • Module 8: WSUS – Windows System Update Service
          - Understanding and Configuring
          - Planning Windows Update Deployment for Workstations and Servers
  • Each module may include more than one class session/lesson.


    Upgrade: Windows System and Network Administrator for large companies (500 and more users)
    15 hours (5 lessons)

    This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to configure and manage large network infrastructures. We will cover the major management and maintenance tasks of Microsoft Windows network in complex multilevel administrative model.

    This course is intended for people aspiring to be enterprise-level administrator. People taking the course are expected to have solid understandings of Microsoft windows network and server components (Windows Server 2008, Active Directory) or attended the above course "Windows System and Network Administrator for small companies (50-100 users)".

  • Module 1: Large company infrastructure
          - Networking
          - Data Center
          - Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Module 2: Windows Server Management and Monitoring
          - Centralized Management Tools
          - Overview of Monitoring and Alerting
          - Overview of Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM), Quest Big Brother, IPS What’s UP
          - Overview of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Novell Zenworks

  • Module 3: Active Directory Sites
          - Forests and Trusts
          - Windows Active Directory Domain Tree
          - Organization Unit Design and Group Policy
          - Administrative Rights Delegation
          - Active Directory Site Topology
          - Read-only Domain Controllers
          - DNS Infrastructure and Name Resolution

  • Module 4: Information Access and Availability
          - Distributed File System
          - File Replication
          - Cluster and Network Load Balancing

  • Module 5: Test, Deploy, Document
          - Test Environment: How-To?
          - Evaluate and Document Everything

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