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What They Never Tell You

Salaries should be included into your resume

Reference names with contact information should be included in resumes

Can position title be changed if it does not describe responsibilities or functions properly?

All unemployment gaps should be included in your resume.

How many pages should a resume have?

Your educational and training credentials should always be listed first in your resume.

Resumes should show only your last 10 years of experience.

What is a resume?

Employer names can be changed

Pronouns, such as 'I' and 'my' can be used in resumes

Personal information such as interests, activities, organizations and hobbies should be included in resumes.

Resumes should start with an 'Objective' ('Position').

Age (Date of Birth) and other personal info (driver's licens, photo, race) can be included in the resume.

Human languages spoken/written should be included

Cover letters are optional when appling for a position.

Owning a business is a positive experience that should be included in a resume.

A career-changing resume should detail all employment experiences.

How long are resumes reviewed?

On the average, how many resumes are reviewed for each job?

Resume books, software, career counselors, recruiters, human resource professionals, and career services at educational institutions can help in producing perfect resumes.

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