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Database development (SQL Server 2015 and Oracle 11g), Visual Studio .NET 2012, and Web Development with .NET below are parts of the same 9-months course.

After this course, the student will understand the fundamentals of relational databases and be able to model and implement a database, database queries, and stored procedures based on a requirements specification for SQL Server 2014 and Oracle 11g. Knowledge of SQL enables consultants work with other Relational databases (Sybase, MySQL, Access, DB2, Paradox, Informix, etc).

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Visual Studio enables programmers to effectively exploit the .NET runtime environment. This course provides the knowledge and techniques needed to build distributed business applications. You develop the skills required to take advantage of a combination of component- and object-oriented syntax in VB (VisualBasic) and Visual C# to achieve increased reusability.

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This course focuses on one of the most important advanced areas of Web development using Visual Studio.NET with ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual C#, HTML/XHTML, CSS, XML/XSLT, Ajax, JavaScript, VBScript, aligned with web-based business application development and web-site design.

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