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It's time to become a professional
- Project Administrator
- Software Programmer-Analyst

We will show you how.

Some years ago some of us were administrative assistants, bike messengers, pizza drivers, babysitters, dog walkers, construction workers, office cleaners, unemployed mathematicians and biologists...
Now we are software programers, business project analysts, and we want to transfer our experience over to you.

$45,000 from start! $70,000 in 3 years!

Welcome to Mindstream Training Program.
Bringing supply and market demand together

Today’s market of software services is distinct by an outstanding demand for experienced IT professionals and, on the other hand, a short supply of such specialists. Existing numerous learning and training programs and courses do not satisfy neither demand of the market for technical personnel nor demand of people who want to become such professionals.
There is the demand for IT specialists on the job market. There is the demand of people to be IT professional. Nobody does anything to consciously satisfy both demands. Except the Mindstream.

Get a $50K Job. We train programmers towards jobs open in Canada and USA using an intensive practical approach. We do not teach what you may never need... No boring academics...
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We know how, we know what. The stairway to success consists of stair steps. We can't help you to get to the top right away but we can assist you to jump over three steps at once...
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Why us? We will show you how. Imagine where you can be in several years. This is not easy - what is easy in this life? - but we are here to help you, to show you, to teach you, to tutor you, to direct you...
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Main Requirements for IT professionals are Practical skills and work experience. At this time in major North American cities there are no computer schools for general public that (schools) train for those requirements.
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